Fried Rice, Rice, Stir Fried

Pad Him Ma Pan (Golden Cashew)

Lunch: $8.95 / Dinner: $10.50. – Cashew nuts, carrots, onions, and bell peppers in a special Thai sauce.

*Pad Kra Prao (Garlic Basil)

Lunch: $8.95 / Dinner: $10.50. – Your choice of ground meat sautéed with Thai basil, green beans, bell peppers, chili and plenty of garlic!

Khao Moo Dang (BBQ Pork & Crispy Pork)

Sliced marinated BBQ pork and crispy pork over rice with Thai BBQ sauce.

Khao Na Ped (Roasted Duck Rice)

Sliced roasted duck over rice with Thai style sauce.

Khao Pad Poo (Crab Fried Rice)

Crab meat, onions, peas, carrots, egg, and garlic. Wok –fried with jasmine rice.

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