Soup and Salad

*Yum Nuea (Beef Salad)

Beef marinated in lime and garlic; flame-grilled and served on a bed of sliced cucumbers, green onions, tomatoes, minced mint and lemongrass. Served with a cilantro chili lime dressing.

*Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

Shredded green papaya mixed with tomatoes, green beans, lime juice, and chili.

Garden Salad

Spring mix, carrots, cucumbers, and onions with homemade dressing.

Thai Wonton Soup

Small or Large. Found in noodle stands from Bangkok to Beijing, this Thai-Chinese specialty features homemade hand-stuffed shrimp and pork wontons, greens, and barbecued pork. 

*Tom Ka (Coconut Soup)

Small or Large. This is one of the classic soups of Thailand with rich aromatic flavors.  Your choice of meat in a spicy coconut-based soup with mushrooms, galangal, tomatoes and lemongrass. Chicken or vegetable.

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