Thai Curry (Your choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian. Shrimp or squid add $2.00) Make it a family platter - add $2.00

*Kang Karee (Yellow Curry)

Lunch: $8.95 / Dinner: $10.50. – This Southern Thai curry is meticulously blended from fresh turmeric, ginger, and rare Far East spices, creating its color and mellow flavor. Your choice of meat, potatoes, onions; simmered slowly.

*Kang Dang (Red Curry)

Lunch: $8.95 / Dinner: $10.50. – Our red curry is made from the finest dried long red chilies – it’s ground with fresh lemongrass and other exotic spices. Your choice of meat is slowly cooked in this wonderful sauce with bamboo shoots, sweet basil, and bell peppers.

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