Noodles, Curry, Ping Yang

*Massamun Curry

Lunch: $8.95 / Dinner: $10.50. –┬áThis curry gets its sweet flavors from cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. The sweetness is offset by tamarind, transforming the slow cooked taste of your choice of meat, potatoes, onions, carrots, or peanuts.

Kai Yang (Thai Style Barbecued Chicken)

Half (7.95) or Whole (10.95).

This street food favorite features a half chicken marinated in garlic and Thai herb marinade, flame-grilled and served with a sweet and tangy plum sauce.

*Moo Kham Wan (Grilled Pork)

Pork marinated and flamed-grilled, served with greens and spicy lime chili sauce.

Neau Yang (Grilled Beef)

Beef marinated flamed-grilled and served with sticky rice.

*Kang Karee (Yellow Curry)

Lunch: $8.95┬á/ Dinner: $10.50. –┬áThis Southern Thai curry is meticulously blended from fresh turmeric, ginger, and rare Far East spices, creating its color and mellow flavor. Your choice of meat, potatoes, onions; simmered slowly.

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